What is it? Answers 154

Thursday, January 25, 2007

884. A floor board gauge, used for marking the boards so they could be cut to various but standard widths using all of the board width possible from each slab.

885. Moulder's tools, used with plaster or sand casting and in shaping built-up plaster mouldings.

886. Drill sharpening hammer, for reshaping points on the large star drills used for making blasting holes in mines, it's held against the bit and struck with a sledge hammer.

887. Organ tuner's cone, tuning horn, or voicer's cone, used to flare or reduce the end of a metal organ pipe to change the pitch.

888. According to a commenter on my site, this tool "is used to assemble the DeLaval 03 inflation (liner) into the DeLaval shell. It was my Saturday morning job for years as a boy, and I used the pictured tool thousands of times!"

889. This is a universal height or thickness tester. It tests samples to a standard, kind of like a “go-no- go” gauge. It can be adjusted and locked into position.

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